6 things about being Cruelty Free your Friends WANT to Know


It can be difficult to talk to others about living a cruelty free lifestyle because most people really don’t understand it, or unfortunately, don’t care. Although I think the latter is just an excuse for the former, the former can be solved by education. 

If you have friends + family willing to learn about how easy and great it is to be cruelty free, share this post with them! Here are seven things you can tell your friends about being cruelty free: 

Disclaimer: the links in this post are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase from one of them, I will earn a commission.

It doesn’t have to be expensive 

There are some cruelty-free brands that come with sticker shock, but it’s that way with anything you buy - cruelty free or not! If you’re looking for inexpensive cruelty free products, try these: 

e.l.f.: e.l.f seriously has ANY kind of makeup you need! From primer ($6) to eye shadow pallets ($7)

YesTo: I love the YesTo brand because it’s sold in a ton of stores and has a product for just about everything in your personal hygiene routine. Some of my favorites: moisturizer ($9), bar soap ($6), daily cleanser ($10), cleansing cloths ($6). Although not quite as inexpensive as e.l.f, this brand does not break the bank. 

There a so many more that I can’t even begin to list them all. Check out Cruelty Free Kitty for some guides to cruelty free beauty brands. 

You can buy cruelty free health + beauty products just about anywhere you shop 

I have no problem finding places to purchase my cruelty free beauty and cleaning products: Target, Ulta, Walgreens, Woodmans (my grocery store), Amazon… and the list goes on. You just need to know what you’re shopping for and work it into your errand-running. Which brings me to my next point: 

There’s an app that tells you if products are cruelty free & if they’re not. 

If you ever have any doubt whether an item is cruelty free or not, use the Cruelty Cutter app from Beagle Freedom Project. All you do is scan the barcode and it tells you yes or no! Then you can share the outcome with friends via text, save your favorite items, and more. This is the perfect tool for if you’re at Target and remember that you need hand soap. If you’re not familiar with the brand, just scan its barcode! This app truly has taken the guessing game out of my cruelty free shopping. 

There are even cruelty free cleaning products. 

When someone uses the term “cruelty free” I think we automatically picture makeup. However, your laundry soap, dish soap, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, candles, room spray, and on and on and on, probably come from companies that use animal testing! To combat this issue I use J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers, and Method cleaning supplies and I shop handmade candles and scents off Etsy. I also always use that Cruelty Cutter app if I want to explore new products. For example, I usually use the J.R. Watkins dish soap and buy it from either ShopKo or Menards, but if I remember that I’m out of it while I’m at Woodman’s, I look for the natural/organic brands and scan them! I’ve never not been able to find a cruelty free option. Some of my go tos:

There’s a cruelty free beauty subscription service to help you find new products 

Okay, ladies, this one is super exciting! There is cruelty-free, toxin-free subscription box! So, while you were busy worrying about finding cruelty free products that you like and that work for you here’s how you’re going to find out: Love Goodly. For $34.95/box you get 4-5 FULL SIZE products shipped to you (bi-monthly). You don’t have to worry about where to buy it, you don’t have to use an app to see if it cruelty free, and it’s like an $80 value. You’re welcome. 

Cruelty free products tend to be better for your skin anyway 

Okay, I’m not a dermatologist so this one is an assumption, and straight forward: since cruelty free products tend to be the ones that are natural, organic, or toxin free (because the chemicals are what is tested on animals), you’re not putting harsh, man-made chemicals on your skin.  

BONUS: No one is going to hate you for being cruelty free 

At the end of the day your lifestyle is your decision. I personally choose a cruelty free one because I don’t think dogs and bunnies should have to go through torture just so our eye lashes can have mascara on them every day. And guess what?! I still have all the same friends and family that I did before I became educated on animal testing. I simply lead by example, and only answer my friends’ cruelty-free questions when they ask – I don’t tell them NOT to purchase something, but I do say, “hey! That highlighter you’re using is cruelty free!” when they’re using a brand I’m familiar with.