The Cruelty Free Transition

the cruelty free transition

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One day at work we got a new scent of St. Ives lotion and my coworker was pretty excited. When I didn’t share her enthusiasm I casually mentioned the brand tested on animals. My coworker frowned and said she had no idea. That’s a typical response when I mention a popular brand and their involvement in animal testing. It was just a few years ago that I was in the same boat.

My love for the intelligent, loyal, friendly, and loud beagle led me to find the rescue Beagle Freedom Project. Their focus is saving beagles and other animals from laboratories to be placed for adoption so they can experience the life they deserve and to raise awareness of the unnecessary cruel use of animals for testing purposes. This rescue opened my eyes to the world of cruelty free living and their cruelty cutter app helped me extensively with the transition. All I had to do was scan a product and it would pop up either cruelty free or this brand tests on animals.

The more and more I shopped for cruelty free products I learned I may have to do some more research. Not all products are on the app and some products claiming to be cruelty free on the package showed up tests on animals on my app. More research led me to the site This girl really does her research behind different brands before she passes them on her cruelty free list. I have her search page bookmarked on my phone. If I’m not sure on something I quickly type the brand into the website.

Being cruelty free is an ongoing learning process. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve been excited about a new brand claiming to be cruelty free on their packaging and go home to search it on and see that actually the brand does test on animals. I was really into the Wet N Wild brand and purchased many of their products (which even have the PETA certified bunny logo) to learn they’re not truly cruelty free (the brand sells in China).

My tips to keep cruelty free living easy?

1. Download an app like the Cruelty Cutter App.

2. If the cruelty free status is unknown on a product-skip it. There are plenty of other options that are for sure.

3. Keep this page bookmarked on your phone:

4. Share with friends and inspire others to help you find your favorite cruelty free products.

5. Find your favorite brands and stick to them.